Palabra NAHJ - May 25, 2021
For Asian Latinos, waves of coronavirus-fueled hate and violence present a seemingly unending threat. They're also reminders of a strong, but complicated heritage.
Palabra NAHJ - February 26, 2021
A push for democracy in Peru went viral because of a global, tech-savvy network of activists. Meet them here.

NYU Local - November 19, 2020
Following President Vizcarra’s illegitimate impeachment, young Peruvians took their fight for democracy to the streets of their country and the world

Cooper Squared - May 6, 2020
With limited guidance and financial support from their government, Peruvian international students and J-1 workers have turned to social media for advice on how to get back home amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Cooper Squared - December 18, 2018
Women advocacy groups are hosting drives and meeting with government officials as part of the growing menstrual movement to destigmatize periods and achieve menstrual equity

Cooper Squared - November 12, 2018
From New York to Shanghai, NYU students faced challenges to vote

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