The List - May 10, 2021
Here are the colors that are going to be all the rage in 2021

The List - April 23, 2021
While the brand has lots to offer, their products don't have drugstore prices so for many customers, it comes down to an "either or" question. What are the products that are actually worth the money?

The List - April 26, 2021
Pop culture icons are influencing the beauty industry a lot and we, the fans, couldn't be more excited about trying beauty products inspired by our favorite shows, video games, and movies. 

Reviewed (USA TODAY) - March 19, 2021
Cover all your skincare needs with these beauty brands

Offcultured - October 1, 2020
By “losing my time” doing my makeup, I was somehow bringing my life back to normal

Medium - August 12, 2020
Customers want to be seen as valuable members of a community, not mere sales statistics

Merak Blog - March 17, 2021
Keep your lips looking perfect all day with these five simple steps

Merak Blog - October 15, 2020
Maskne is real. Here is how to fight it

Merak Blog - September 27, 2020
From jewel colors to statement sleeves, the virtual edition of the NYFW showcased several trends worth noting

The Paradox Journal - August 1, 2020
From face masks to soaps, there’s no doubt tea tree oil is the skincare industry’s  It ingredient

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