Create landing page for WSN's first digital-only special issue
Washington Square News, New York University's student-run newspaper
Web Designer
Fringe is a yearly special issue published by WSN highlighting the stories of NYU students interested in fashion. The pandemic halted the print production of WSN and forced the newspaper to become a digital-only publication. Fringe had always been known as a beautiful print issue thanks to its bold aesthetic but the digital version of it had never emulated such bold design. Since this issue was going to be digital-only, the editorial team emphasized that the web design had to be equally aesthetic and playful as the print edition would have been. With that in mind, I created a playful landing page for this special issue, inspired by the idea of a "virtual scrapbook."
April 2021
Wordpress, Canva​​​​​​​
Check out the live site here
(Due to time constraints, the site wasn't optimized for mobile viewing. Better displayed on desktop full screen)
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